Drinking Water To Lose Weight – Myths and Facts!

Drinking Water To Lose WeightWhile drinking water is very important for health and weight management, there are many myths running rampant that will make you believe weight loss can happen just by drinking water to lose weight.

Facts about drinking water to lose weight :

– Water increases digestive health and aids in detoxification. During an exercise program, there is water loss due to sweat. There is also the production of wastes, release of toxins when fat is burned. If these wastes and toxins are not eliminated from the body, they can put your weight loss on hold by causing weight loss plateaus and stubborn fat depositions. Hence, stay extremely hydrated.
– Research shows that drinking water in the form of green tea can burn more fat calories.
– When the body is dehydrated, it retains more water making you bloat and gain weight.
– Water improves blood and lymph circulation in body. As a result, muscles receive more oxygen and nutrition. This will increase your energy and your ability to exercise, simultaneously aiding in the building lean muscle mass.

Myths about drinking water to lose weight :

-Drinking ice cold water will burn fat – Although, a few extra calories may be utilized in increasing the temperature of the water, no evidence exists that links ice cold water to fat metabolism. Besides, drinking ice cold water through out the day can be hard on the digestive system.
– Drinking more water will cause the body to retain water and bloat – Dehydration and excess salt consumption cause water retention and hence you should be drinking water to lose weight.
– Aloe vera juice aids in weight loss – Although, aloe vera juice benefits health by providing hydration, detoxifying and improving circulation, there is no clinical evidence that links Aloe vera juice to weigh loss.

There are many myths and fad quick weight loss diets that promise a quick weight loss. Most don’t work and even if they did work, can cause unpleasant side effects and serious health conditions. Hence, always invest some time in researching about healthy ways to lose weight.