Dry Skin Rash Remedies: Natural vs Prescription

Dry Skin RashDry skin rash is a very broad term used to describe irritated, inflamed and itchy skin caused by a variety of factors like food allergens, environmental causes, atopic and contact dermatitis and many more. Most of the time this condition is accompanied by tight and rough skin feeling, redness, itchiness and even cracked bleeding skin symptoms as MayoClinic explains. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/dry-skin/DS00560/DSECTION=symptoms

In order to determine dry skin rash remedy, your doctor has to find the exact dry skin rash causes. Your doctor will carefully evaluate your itchy dry skin location, symptoms that might accompany your itchy skin and your medical history. Identifying dry skin rash causes sometimes mimics detective work and assessing multiple scenarios and possibilities. Once the cause has been identified, the appropriate treatment is prescribed by your doctor.

Dry skin rash remedies differ depending on the actual cause of the condition. For example, in case you develop persistent eyelid rash, contact dermatitis or allergic reaction to beauty items or accessories might be to blame. You will be asked to discontinue using your regular mascaras, eye shadows, eye and face creams, shampoos, hair sprays to see if your rash will subside. Armpit rash is most often caused by contact dermatitis or simply an allergic reaction to a deodorant stick, perfume, or a razor burn. Switching deodorants and other beauty items that might come in contact with your arm pit area will most likely be the solution to the problem. In the case of Face rashes or Chest rash the remedies offered will depend on what caused them ranging from eczema to viral infections.

Conventional and natural medicines greatly differ in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin such as psoriasis and eczema.

Prescription: Conventional medicine offers very few solutions to chronic dry skin rash caused by inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis or eczema and is merely focused on treating the symptoms but not the underlying reasons. First, your doctor may recommend you try taking over the counter antihistamines coupled with low dose corticosteroid ointments applied to areas affected by dry skin rash. For severe cases that can not be remedied by topical application of creams, strong steroid and immunomodulatory oral medications are prescribed. Unfortunately, all these conventional remedies bring temporary relief, as they do not address the actual causes of the conditions. Moreover, topical steroid creams cause a laundry list of adverse reactions ranging from thinning of the skin, wreaking havoc with endocrine and immune systems.

Natural: Natural medicine, on the other hand, is focused on finding the core reasons the body is affected by inflammatory skin conditions. According to Dr. Weil the main reason for this is chronic inflammation that could be remedied by certain dietary changes that might be beneficial to help keep your skin healthy for life. He recommends trying out his Anti-inflammatory diet, which includes wholesome organic fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and fats, and eliminates common allergens like dairy, soy, food additives and unhealthy ingredients described in this video. http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/VDR00029/How-to-Eat-an-Anti-Inflammatory-Diet.html For topical application, to soother dry skin rash, you can try aloe vera gel or calendula based cream.

Another natural health advocate Dr. Mercola recommends staying hydrated, taking a high quality Krill oil and probiotic supplement and plenty of fresh produce to supply your skin with vital elements to help it look healthy and supple. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/06/09/A-Simple-Way-to-Improve-Eczema-by-Nearly-60-Percent.aspx Investing in a good quality organic and natural dry skin cream will keep your skin moisturized without the use of dangerous parabens and chemicals that might have caused dry skin rash in the first place. Avoid using dangerous steroid creams as they unnecessarily endager

Both natural approach gurus can not stress enough the importance of stress management and exercise to help keep your skin healthy for life.

Additionally, Dr. Weil offers practical and easy solutions how to keep your skin healthy at any age. http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART02033/natural-skin-care.html