Eating Ginger For Nausea Brings You Back on Track

Ginger For NauseaOne of the most common uses for ginger is nausea, and while some studies are conflicted as to its effectiveness, there are more than enough studies that show some evidence that ginger for nausea can be a useful treatment. Particularly for expecting mothers who frequently experience nausea, ginger health benefits can include reducing the unpleasant discomfort associated with this affliction. Chemotherapy caused nausea has also been remedied in some studies, showing that ginger root benefits for nausea can soothe tumultuous tummies from many causes.

You can use dried or fresh ginger, or even the oil to obtain ginger for nausea benefits. However the fresh and dried versions of this herb are easier to obtain and use or even integrate into cooking. Adults should not take more than 4g of ginger per day whether derived from supplements or tasty meals. The regular dose of ginger for nausea to help you get back on track is between 2 and 4 grams of fresh root per day. If you feel nauseous and are looking for quick relief, chewing on a small (1/4 oz.) piece of ginger can provide some relief as well.

As with all medicines, natural or synthetic, there are some side effects that you should be aware of. Thankfully, ginger side effects are infrequent and mild. However, heartburn and diarrhea along with general tummy upset has been reported. Additionally, there is some concern over women using ginger during pregnancy, even though it is commonly used for nausea. While the debate rages on, there are some that suggest that sex hormones of the developing baby can be affected by ginger. Although ginger is still regarded as likely safe. People who have bleeding disorders should avoid ginger as it may increase the risk of bleeding in these individuals. Additionally, those who have diabetes should use caution because ginger can potentially lower blood sugar. People with heart conditions should not use ginger for nausea because it can exacerbate conditions of this very important organ.

If you are considering supplements and natural healing options, it’s best to consult with your health care provider before proceeding to ensure that you are healthy enough for its use and that you don’t have any health conditions or take any medications that might be compromised by its use.