Echinacea and Goldenseal – How Do They Work Together?

Echinacea and GoldensealMany reports tie the simultaneous use of Echinacea and goldenseal for respiratory ailments such as the common cold and the flu. When compared to laboratory-produced alternatives like aspirin and antibiotics, the combination of goldenseal and Echinacea benefits along with their rare and mild side effects make the herbal duo the optimal choice for treating colds and related conditions. So, just how do these two plants work together to provide such a useful therapy for what ails us? Here is a rundown of Echinacea and goldenseal, and their value as an herbal medicine:

– Echinacea stimulates phagocytes to target bacteria, viruses and wastes and encourages the body to get rid of them. For that reason, Echinacea is often referred to as a “blood purifier.” This makes Echinacea a vital deterrent of viral, bacterial and fungal infections. In addition, Echinacea enhances immune system capabilities and Echinacea side effects are rare and mild.

– Goldenseal increases microcirculation on the surface of mucous membranes. This specific property, along with other goldenseal benefits, makes it an ideal candidate for treating infections. Because mucous membranes are most often the first areas attached by infection, the ability of goldenseal to protect them and defend the immune system makes it very useful in treating colds and flues.

– Echinacea and goldenseal combined are a perfect pairing of complementary properties, useful for fighting off the common cold or flu, and for preventing viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

As with any herbal medicine regime, be sure you understand the risks, benefits and goldenseal side effects before incorporating it into your health plan. Consult with a physician for optimum assurance. The next time you get the sniffles, put those synthetic over the counter meds away and reach for the Echinacea and goldenseal.