Endoscopic Brow Lift Recovery and Aftercare

Endoscopic Brow LiftThere are many factors to consider when pondering the recovery time associated with an endoscopic brow lift. Type of surgery, intensity of surgery and your own physical disposition will all come into play. Brow lift plastic surgery in general has a recovery period of about 2 weeks, although there are cases where recovery time is longer or shorter.

For starters, what type of surgery are you planning? When it comes to endoscopic brow lift procedures, one shoe does not fit every foot. In the case of excessive, sagging skin, you might elect to have a full endoscopic brow lift. In this procedure, an incision is made along the hairline from one ear to the other, and then the tissue underneath the forehead is manipulated. This will have a longer recovery period than a mini brow lift, which involves a smaller incision, and less manipulation.

No matter which type of endoscopic brow lift you choose, the recovery steps will likely be similar. Swelling and bruising are likely occurrences, and you will find that your nightly sleeping arrangements will be altered quite a bit. You will have to sleep almost sitting up and propped with pillows, as if you are treating a raging sinus infection. This will actually benefit you to reduce swelling and hasten recovery time. Your doctor may provide or recommend compression garments afterwards, which will also help to reduce swelling after your eyebrow lift surgery. Low sodium diets, and plenty of water are recommended during the after care

After about a week, most people are able to return to work and regular activities, however you may still experience mild discomfort and swelling for another week thereafter. Don’t forget about those stitches! They will need to come out about 2 weeks after your endoscopic brow lift.

If a half month of recovery and having a few less thousand dollars is an unappealing to you as it sounds, you can always go with a non surgical brow lift. While the reported results are less dramatic than those of the scalpel included versions, the cost can be quite a bit less, and of course without a recovery routine. The best course of action is to have a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon about your concerns and questions. He or she will be able to walk you through the entire surgical process, along with expected recovery to help you make the best decision for yourself.