Epsom Salt Laxative Review – Safe or Not?

Epsom Salt LaxativeMany people have a container of Epsom salt in their house and literally have no idea what to do with it or why it’s there. Perhaps it was there when they moved in; or, maybe a family member left it there one day. Either way, it sits under the kitchen sink purposeless and unused. However, Epsom salt benefits are nearly endless! It’s most well known as an Epsom salt bath for treating achy muscles, but it’s also got some purpose in the garden and even in your body! In fact, some prefer it to over the counter laxatives for clearing out a clogged colon!

Before you go getting too excited about an Epsom salt laxative and race to the cabinet to dig out your dusty container, there are some caveats to using an Epsom salt laxative. First of all, it carries the same laxatives side effects as anything you will find at the store or from an herbalist. All laxatives can cause side effects such as nausea, cramping and even vomiting. You will need to weigh these specific risks prior to using any product for relief from constipation.

Beyond the typical risks, using an Epsom salt laxative is usually as safe as any other one however there are some things to be aware of before purchasing and consuming it. Firstly, take your happy (or unhappy as the case may be) butt to the pharmacy to purchase your Epsom salt laxative, and feel free to chat the pharmacist up before doing so (They answer questions for free!) Additionally, don’t buy Epsom Salt from the garden supply store. Not only will it likely bear a label indicating that it shouldn’t be taken internally, but you wouldn’t buy your food from an automotive store would you? No.

There are some users who have reported unpleasantness from using an Epsom salt laxative. Unfortunate effects like an entire day on the loo combined with gastrointestinal discomfort are amongst the most frequent complaints of the displeased crowd; however it’s important to remember that people have varying degrees of success with all types of laxatives both over the counter, prescription and natural. What works best for you may not work best for someone else and vice versa. Regardless of what type you use, keeping the usage to a minimum and only when you have exhausted other methods of relief such as exercise and increased water intake will help minimize any unpleasant effects. Consulting your primary care doctor before use is always a good idea if you have any concerns about using an Epsom salt laxative.