Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men Causes

Erectile Dysfunction in Young MenErectile dysfunction in young men can be caused by a number of different things, and this condition is one that can normally be resolved with a little treatment. One of the biggest causes of male impotence with younger men is stress and anxiety, as well as other psychological reasons, but there are physical causes that could cause this problem in men regardless of their age as well. Also called ED, this problem affects millions of men of all ages around the world.

One possible cause of erectile dysfunction in young men is one that usually affects older males as well. This is low testosterone levels, and in older men this is caused by the natural aging process as testosterone production drops off. For some young males, a hormone imbalance can cause problems getting or maintaining an erection. If this is causing the ED then hormone supplements prescribed by a physician will usually help resolve any erection difficulties by restoring the natural balance of hormones.

There are many physical factors that can cause erectile dysfunction in young men, and one of these is diabetes. Diabetes can interfere with blood circulation, and can cause ED because there is not enough blood flow to maintain an erection. Obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug use can all affect the flow of blood to the penis, and can cause problems. There are many erectile dysfunction remedies advertised, but the best place to go to get answers and treatment is a physician.

Psychological erectile dysfunction is common with younger males, and there are ways to determine if the cause is physical or psychological before seeing a doctor. If an erection is present in the mornings upon waking some days, and if masturbation results in an erection, then the cause of the problem is psychological usually. Because there are a number of causes that can result in erectile dysfunction in young men it is always advisable to see a doctor first, to rule out any physical or medical conditions that could cause the problem.