Evening Primrose Oil and Pregnancy

Evening Primrose Oil and PregnancyEvening primrose oil benefits are drawn out of tiny seeds that this beautiful yellow Native American flower carries. The mighty seeds of the evening primrose oil are potent sources of prostaglandins that help support female reproductive function.

Evening primrose oil and pregnancy connection has been under the obstetricians’ spotlight for many years. Many midwives love using evening primrose oil to induce labor since active prostaglandin compounds have the ability to thin and soften the cervix in preparation for labor. Evening primrose oil gently readies a woman’s body for labor without dangerous side effects of common labor inducing drugs.

Evening primrose oil and pregnancy combination is considered safe only if used in later stages of pregnancy starting at about week 36. Evening primrose oil side effects may include pre-term labor if initiated in earlier stages of pregnancy.

Normally, evening primrose oil dosage includes 500 mg of oil taken orally three times daily. You can also apply evening primrose oil directly inside the vagina and on the cervix if you can reach it. Using a clean finger carefully massage about one capsule of evening primrose oil inside vagina to deliver a dose of prostaglandins directly to the source. If you do not feel comfortable about massaging the cervix area, perineal massage combined with oil application onto the stomach is going to be a wonderful evening primrose oil and pregnancy solution to help you prepare for labor.

According to many naturopath specialists, evening primrose oil and pregnancy controversy in traditional obstetrics happens due to lack of knowledge about the potency and evening primrose oil benefits. Evening primrose oil alone is not capable of inducing labor until the body is ready and can only gently facilitate the process of labor progression.