Evening Primrose Oil Eczema Treatment Review

Evening Primrose Oil EczemaMany natural healing remedies are yet unproven by science, even though those interested in alternative health have sung their praises for decades. Evening primrose oil benefits however, have some basis in clinical trials and studies that suggest that it is, in fact, and effective agent for treating the common skin condition eczema.

Evening primrose oil eczema treatments are not a new notion. It’s an ancient remedy for many ails and is commonly used in many commercial cosmetic products such as organic evening primrose oil creams and balms. This wildflower has been used by Native Americans for centuries to treat bruising, but today is used for everything from skin conditions to premenstrual symptoms. So what’s the secret behind evening primrose oil eczema treatments? Fatty acids!

The true relief of evening primrose eczema treatments lays in their ability to reduce the itchiness associated with many common skin conditions, and commonly, eczema. In fact, a rather large study consisting of over 1,200 afflicted individuals found that swelling, itching, scaling and redness were all reduced by evening primrose eczema treatments. 30 similar studies have been conducted all pointing to EPO as an effective remedy for this obnoxious skin malady.

3-4 grams daily is the recommended evening primrose oil dosage, but this should be discussed with your health care provider before taking. All medicines from nature carry the risk of side effects and interactions with medications and health conditions. As such, it’s imperative that you speak to your health care provider before using evening primrose oil eczema treatments. Headache, upset stomach, and diarrhea are the most commonly reported evening primrose oil side effects, however it is typically safe and the associated side effects are normally mild. In some cases however, such as in people with bleeding disorders or schizophrenia, evening primrose oil can be deemed unsafe.

Overall, most people who have used evening primrose oil for skin conditions have found it to be effective in treating some of the more unpleasant symptoms in health issues such as eczema. Symptom relief is common in many users, and given the size of many of the conducted studies, it’s safe to say that evening primrose oil will not be losing its status as an effective remedy for skin ails anytime soon.