Evening Primrose Oil for Fertility – Does It Work?

Evening Primrose Oil for FertilityEvening primrose oil for fertility has been used successfully for many centuries for women to boost their chances to conceive. Evening primrose oil benefits cervical fluid in the first phase of a female cycle starting from menstruation through ovulation. The oil makes cervical fluid more hospitable for sperm and facilitates their movement towards the cervix.

Evening primrose oil for fertility is necessary due to high content of Omega 6 fatty acids that maintain healthy reproductive system. To boost your chances to get pregnant, evening primrose oil for fertility could also be taken by males to improve motility and sperm count.

Evening primrose oil and pregnancy combination is always worth checking with your doctor. You should not take evening primrose oil for fertility after established ovulation as the compounds found in the oil called prostaglandins are known to cause uterine spasms and might inhibit conception and pregnancy.

Evening primrose oil uses are not limited to fertility and could benefit women at the end stages of pregnancy to induce labor. Prostaglandins in the evening primrose oil help soften and thin cervix to prepare it for labor and delivery. Therefore, evening primrose oil and pregnancy combination is only safe sometime after week 37 when pregnancy is nearing its full term.

Evening primrose oil for fertility should only used after consulting with your doctor in case you are undergoing fertility treatment and using special drugs to boost fertility. Any herbal compounds taken at the time of fertility treatment should be discussed with your doctor.