Excessive Sleepiness Causes in Children

Excessive Sleepiness CausesIf your child is on any prescription drugs, this may be the real reason behind all excessive sleepiness causes. However, if your children are not on any medications and do not have any illnesses that could be causing excessive daytime sleepiness, you may have to do some detective work. Kids can easily become tired during the day for a whole host of reasons. Your child may secretly be staying up at night to play video games, watch television or talk on the phone. Some other excessive sleepiness causes could stem from stress, schoolwork or anxiety.

In other cases, excessive sleepiness causes in kids do not come from any outside factors. Your child could just be having trouble sleeping at night because of restless leg syndrome, rem sleep disorder or chronic fatigue syndrome. A long-term sleep study may be needed before your doctor is able to make an ultimate determination.

The best thing that you can do to find out what causes your child to be excessively tired is to ask the right questions. If you have a healthy relationship, you might be able to use the information that you find to aid your child’s pediatrician. On the other hand, your child might not have a clue as to why he or she is consistently drowsy during the day.

Avoid giving your child any herbal sleep aids, especially before you are able to find the root cause. Home remedies for sleep may only mask your child’s excessive sleepiness causes and cause more damage in the long run. You can help your child to relax before bed by spending quality time together, going on a walk or giving him a cup of hot tea.

Remember that narcolepsy causes are sometimes related to the reasons why some kids are groggy all day long. If all other options have been exhausted, your child might actually be showing the signs of being a narcoleptic. Usually, narcolepsy is first diagnosed when patients become teenagers, but there are always exceptions. Whatever the reason behind your child’s grogginess, your doctor will eventually be able to come up with an effective solution.