External Hemorrhoids Surgical Treatment: Pros and Cons

External HemorrhoidsBoth internal and external hemorrhoids can be successfully treated with topical applications of astringents and vasoconstrictors intended to shrink hemorrhoids and relieve unpleasant sensations accompanying anal piles.

In certain cases of especially large prolapsed hemorrhoid that do not respond well to conservative treatments, a surgical intervention is advised. Some of the obvious pros of hemorrhoids surgical treatment are providing immediate relief to the suffering of the patients. Unfortunately, conventional excision or stapling of the external hemorrhoids can not guarantee them from coming back and is merely a cosmetic fix.

Surgical approach to external hemorrhoids removal has a long list of cons. Surgical incision of hemorrhoids is not the best answer on how to get rid of hemorrhoids as it does not address the underlying root causes of this condition, namely, poor diet, no exercise and obesity. Surgical excision of external hemorrhoids has immensely painful recovery time that forces recovering patient to resort to the dangerous narcotic pain killers for prolonged periods of time. On top of that, surgical approach carries some additional risk of anal sphincter and walls damage that can later result in stool incontinence, an even worse condition than hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid laser surgery does not carry the risks of traditional removal of enlarged anal veins and is a very gentle and effective approach to shrink hemorrhoids without painful and long recovery time.

Clearly, conservative approach to external hemorrhoid treatment combined with diet and lifestyle modifications address all the primal causes for the appearance of internal and external hemorrhoids and prevent them from coming back.