Extremely Dry Skin on Face Causes and Treatment

Extremely Dry SkinDry skin is not an uncommon problem. May people encounter extremely dry skin either seasonally or due to environmental factors? Luckily, dry skin is often easily managed.

Itchy dry skin can be unsightly and uncomfortable anywhere, but when it affects the face region; it’s an even bigger issue. Extremely dry skin can be caused by many things, but one of the most common is simply winter. Winter weather dries the skin, and if you live in an area that requires a furnace, you could be drying out your cheekbones as fast as your snow boots. To combat winter dry skin, use a good moisturizer and limit your exposure to the harsh elements as much as possible. Come in from the cold and crave a hot shower? Knock it off, you’re making it worse. Lukewarm (instead of super hot) showers prevent moisture loss on skin, and directing the shower head to another area of the body besides your face limits the amount of time your face is under the flow.

If you can’t determine that your dry skin rash is caused by weather or your hygiene habits, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your medications. Medications can cause skin reactions, even if you haven’t been diagnosed as allergic. Sometimes, medication that you had no reaction to creates one when combined with something new. If you are not on any medications, maybe you need to be. There are many health conditions that can cause skin irritation and dry skin patches, and if you have any concern about the signs your skin is giving you, it’s best to see your physician. You might have hypothyroidism or psoriasis.

Treating your extremely dry skin most often will start with moisturizers. Remember, not all moisturizers are created equal. If you find that you are having a hard time finding one that works for you, speak to your physician or dermatologist. If moisturizers alone are not cutting it, you may need to implement some lifestyle changes to help manage your problems. Remembering to wear sunscreen, using a humidifier, and drinking lots of water can help improve the condition of skin. You can also try home remedies for dry skin, including baking soda paste, oatmeal (plain, not the maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal you had leftover from this morning), and olive oil. Bear in mind that even home remedies warrant a quick Q and A with your doctor however.

Extremely Dry skin is a nightmare, especially when it invades your face. Prevention is the best way to manage this condition, but with a proper moisturizing regimen and good hygiene practices, you can have supple, glowing skin even in the cold winter months.