Eye Warts – How to Remove These Annoying Warts?

Eye WartsEye warts are common types of fillform warts that find their way to the areas surrounding eyes and even eye lids. Eye wart removal should be carried out only by an experienced dermatologist since wart location generally outlaws the use of any acidic or potentially harmful to the eyes substances.

Use special care with eye warts, since they are contagious and can be spread further around your face or to the opposite eye. Wash your hands thoroughly; never share towels or beauty items with your family members.

Certain home remedies for wart removal can be successfully used to get rid of embarrassing eye warts. Try putting some freshly squeezed garlic juice with a cotton swab to the affected area 3-4 times daily as one of the most effective facial wart removal methods since garlic is a nature’s miracle possessing anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Tea-tree oil is another safe and helpful eye warts removal remedies that could be used in a similar fashion as garlic juice. Have you ever seen a milky-like substance at the end of a dandelion’s stem once you pick a flower? Put nature to work for you and apply this solution on your eye warts a couple of times throughout the day to see your warts disappear.

Some over the counter facial wart removal kits can be used to remove eye warts, just make sure they are intended to be used on the tender areas around the eyes.

If your eye warts do not respond well to popular folk remedies mentioned in this article, laser wart removal could come to the rescue. Laser light works by vaporizing soft tissues so you can wave good-bye to your eye warts in minutes. Laser technology can additionally address your dark circles under eyes and other mild cosmetic imperfections.