Eyelid Rash – What is Causing It?

Eyelid RashEyelid rashes are most commonly seen in women whose skin around the eyes is especially tender and fragile. In addition, women tend to come into contact with a lot more chemicals on a daily basis in the form of beauty products, creams, lotions, detergents and cleaning products. Surprisingly, an individual can develop rash on eyelids over time from the long term use of a certain product. Careful examination and evaluation should be made of eyelid rash, face rashes if present to determine the exact cause of your eyelid rash. You can use this helpful guide by RightDiagnosis to determine the possible trigger of your rash on eyelids.

Below we unveil some of the most common and surprising causes of eyelid rash.

Contact Dermatitis: The number one cause of eyelid rash is undeniably contact dermatitis according to a dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey. Any time the tender skin of the eyelids comes into contact with beauty products whether they are directly applied or sprayed near the face, some sensitive individuals are likely to develop irritation of the eyelids. Eye cosmetic products like eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, eye cream, eye make-up remover, synthetic or natural bristle cosmetic brushes may contain formaldehyde in their composition along with other irritants leading to irritation. Hair products in the form of shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and gels can also cause a bout of eyelid rash. Nail polish contains a lot of toxic fumes and ingredients and can manifest itself in eyelid rash and dry skin rash on hands. http://www.rightdiagnosis.com/sym/eyelid_rash.htm http://www.drbaileyskincare.com/blog/is-your-rough-dry-and-swollen-eyelid-skin-caused-by-an-allergic-dermatitis/

However, contact dermatitis triggers are not limited to beauty care items and include household products like detergents spray cleaners, deodorizers, solvents and even rubber gloves. Moreover, nickel jewelry can give you itchy bumps on skin and dry skin rash on the places of contact with nickel. Eye drops and contact lenses solution can also give you eyelid rash and minor eye irritations due to the preservative Thimerosal, that some individuals might be sensitive to.

Atopic dermatitis: Another leading cause of eyelid rash is atopic dermatitis. Adverse allergic reactions to foods and medications are to blame if eyelid rash is accompanied with itchy rash on chest and red itchy bumps on skin. Environmental causes like dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, dry cold wind and toxic fumes can also trigger such allergic reactions.

Ocular Demodex: Demodex mites infest lash follicles feeding off sebum and can trigger a host of unpleasant eye symptoms including inflammation on the eyelids and rash. Ocular demodex can go undiagnosed for years often masking itself for allergic blepharitis.

Autoimmune Disorders: There are some autoimmune disorders that can cause rash and irritation on the eyelid area. Among such condition lupus erythematosis and dermatomyositis stand out the most. Patients’ own immune systems attack the muscles, joints and the skin leading to adverse skin reactions.

All cases of eyelid rash and itchy dry skin should be carefully examined and history of the condition studied to determine the exact causes leading to your eyelid rash.

Still not sure what could be causing your eyelid rash? Check out your symptoms with this handy WebMD Symptom Checker. http://symptomchecker.webmd.com/multiple-symptoms?symptoms=eyelid-redness%7Cskin-irritation%7Cskin-rash%7Cskin-redness&symptomids=543%7C207%7C185%7C209&locations=3%7C68%7C68%7C68