Facial Nerve Paralysis Causes

Facial Nerve ParalysisFacial nerve paralysis can be caused by a number of things. This condition may be called many different names, including a pinched nerve, neuritis or facial neuritis, and many other terms, and it is a common problem. The facial nerve runs through many areas of the face, and any of these can be affected or become paralyzed because of trauma, disease, or other causes. The most common cause for this condition is Bell’s Palsy, which is considered an idiopathic disease that uses exclusions to make a definitive diagnosis. When all other possible causes have been excluded then this diagnosis is the one that is made.

There are numerous other causes of facial nerve paralysis, and these can include injury to any of the facial structures where the nerve is located. This type of trauma or injury can cause damage to the nerve pathways or cells, resulting in paralysis of the nerve. Certain types of viral infections, including those caused by the Herpes virus, infectious mononucleosis, and viral meningitis, can also cause this condition. Neuritis symptoms may be caused by a facial tumor, or a stroke, or even an inner ear infection left untreated. Facial nerve paralysis can also be caused by degenerative cerebral disease, Guillane Barr syndrome, and certain other diseases which affect the nerves and associated tissues.

If you suffer from any type of facial nerve paralysis it is important to see your doctor immediately. Because there are so many causes for this condition your doctor may have to run some tests to determine exactly what the cause of this symptom is in your specific case. It is important that you are diagnosed correctly, because the treatment for ulnar nerve neuritis may be different than the treatment for another cause of facial nerve paralysis, and proper treatment can help relieve the symptoms and manage this condition much more effectively. You cannot evaluate the best possible treatment options until you understand exactly what is causing the paralysis in your facial nerve.