Facial Neuritis May Lead to Serious Consequences

Facial NeuritisFacial neuritis occurs when you suffer nerve inflammation or damage to one or more nerves that run through and affect your face. This condition can occur for many different reasons. A viral infection can affect the nerve, injury to the area may be the cause, or a number of other factors can play a part in irritating the nerve. Neuritis symptoms can vary depending on which nerves are affected, and can include tingling, burning, weakness, and numbness.

If not treated promptly, facial neuritis can lead to serious problems and conditions. A pinched nerve can result if nerve irritation is not addressed quickly. This can be very painful, and eventually require surgery if uncorrected for too long. Optic neuritis can develop if the optic nerve becomes involved because the irritation spreads. Eventually your face can become paralyzed in one or more nerves, and this can lead to drooping or other facial appearance problems.

Bell’s palsy is the name used if there is no known cause for the symptoms experienced. This condition can affect any age, and both sexes are susceptible. Often it can develop if treatment is not sought for facial neuritis in time, and the affected nerves become permanently damaged. The pain you feel from the irritated nerves may become severe, and be impossible to eliminate without strong prescription pain medications.

Facial nerve paralysis is another serious consequence of facial neuritis. If this happens then you may completely lose sensation in the area where the nerve is, and be unable to control certain facial muscles. Your face may become lopsided or appear unsymmetrical because of the loss of muscle and nerve function.

Facial weakness is another aspect that needs to be examined. Over time as your facial muscles and nerves weaken because of facial neuritis you will experience more severe control issues. Over time it may become impossible to eat properly, your vision may be affected, your hearing may become impaired, and other difficulties may show up. The specific course taken will depend on all of the factors involved.