Facial Wart Removal – How to Do It at Home and Fast?

Facial Wart RemovalRaised or flat facial warts can ruin anyone’s self-esteem, so people look for safe, reliable and effective facial wart removal remedies they can try at home.

In answering the question how to get rid of facial warts, it’s important to remember that facial wart removal methods have to be safe enough to use on the tender facial areas that will be unlikely to leave an unsightly scar.

The quickest and most reliable facial wart removal method to try is to buy an over-the-counter wart removal kit specifically intended for your facial or eye warts. Most of these products contain mild concentrations of salicylic acid that works by peeling away wart layers exposing the roots of the warts.

Another approach to facial wart removal strategy is getting a kit for freezing warts that works similarly to your doctor’s cryosurgical therapy. This method will literally freeze burn your facial warts that will subsequently dry up and fall off. This facial removal technique is quite painful and might require additional sessions to become effective.

Most of the natural facial wart removal remedies work by utilizing naturally acidic ingredients like apple cider vinegar, citrus and garlic juices that can eventually kill your flat and mosaic warts. Tea tree oil along with dandelion milk is one of the top home facial wart removal methods that are mild and very effective.

Oral warts respond well to garlic and lemon juice wart removal remedies since they are safe to ingest and will help dry up your most stubborn wart. Do not use tea tree oil for your oral warts since it’s toxic once ingested.

In their search to find the best facial wart removal strategy, some people utilize unusual and very unlikely remedies that are surprisingly potent. Applying a piece of duct tape or crushing an aspirin tablet in a little bit of water to later smear on the facial warts are just a few techniques that are worth trying on your road to wart-free skin.