Fat Transfer To Buttocks – What To Do After Surgery?

Fat Transfer To ButtocksHaving surgery via fat transfer to buttocks is also known as a Brazilian butt lift. This particular type of butt augmentation differs from both hydrogel buttock injections and also from implants, because it actually ends up being two types of surgery at the same time. Costing between $5,000.00 and $20,000.00, this surgery is anything but inexpensive. However, in comparison to other types of cosmetic butt enhancement, the fat transfer to buttocks procedure is purportedly longer lasting and eliminates the need for subsequent surgeries. You will find however that this procedure will be more than the similar fat transfer breast augmentation cost, so be prepared to pull out a few more sheckles at the cash register.

The biggest issue after surgery is the whole conundrum of not being able to sit on your butt. Now, it’s likely that since you are giving up some fat from your back and thighs to lift your tushy that your entire backside is going to feel like it was hit with a Mack truck. However, you cannot walk 24 hours a day, so you will be required to somehow figure out a comfortable position that doesn’t involve your butt hitting seat. This goes on for two weeks following your fat transfer to buttocks surgery, meaning that you will need to find a way to keep yourself busy and of your ba-donk-a-donk.

Swelling? You betcha. The liposuction involved is likely to cause swelling and bruising, not to mention the replacing of it into your bottom, so you can plan on having some tenderness and puffiness as a result of your fat transfer surgery, and it’s possible that the discomfort can persist for up to 4 weeks. You will also likely be wearing a compression garment for a couple of weeks; this will keep the amount of swelling as low as possible.

So what do you do after your fat transfer to buttocks surgery? Recover, and be patient. You are going to have to take it easy for awhile. No matter how active you might be, everyone sits down, and that is going to be a challenge for you for a few weeks. It’s best to embrace your fat grafting buttocks procedure and remember that it’s temporary.

If you think that you are having unusual or substantially prolonged issues after your surgery, it’s best to talk to your doctor right away. He or she will look for signs of infection and other problems that may be keeping you off your bottom.