Fenugreek Health Benefits For Men and Women

Fenugreek Health BenefitsEven though the majority of all known fenugreek health benefits are geared toward women, men can also experience better health by taking this herb. Women alone can use fenugreek for lactation as men do not nurse babies. However, other fenugreek health benefits such as lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and diabetes treatment can be felt by either gender.

First and foremost, it should be noted that fenugreek tea needs to be taken for at least a few weeks for the positive effects to become apparent. During this time you may notice fenugreek side effects like loose bowels and even a change in your body odor. As long as you are drinking a reasonable amount of fenugreek herbal tea, these side effects should be fleeting at best. Besides a handful of generally mild symptoms, fenugreek is almost entirely harmless.

In addition to increased lactation, other fenugreek uses include cough and mucus suppression, lower blood sugar levels and menstrual cramp relief. Fenugreek herb tea or supplements may be recommended to those who are starting to show the symptoms of high blood pressure and cholesterol but do not yet need prescriptions. Although this herb has not been clinically proven as an effective treatment for preventing diabetes, high cholesterol or raised blood pressure levels, it can be used in that manner if you have your doctor’s approval.

One of the main fenugreek health benefits is a better and more balanced feeling of general health. With lower blood sugar levels, you can expect to feel less antsy, calmer and very peaceful. You are also less likely to feel your heart racing when you get upset, and it will be easier for your heart rate to return to normal. Overall, women of childbearing age seem to get the most benefit from fenugreek in all forms, but men can also develop a better state of health with continued use.

There are several other fenugreek health benefits such as being an effective treatment for cancer, depression and gout that cannot be substantiated with modern science. In the future testing may show this herbal remedy to give users additional health benefits.