Fibromyalgia Diet Plan – Top 10 Foods To Avoid!

Fibromyalgia Diet PlanBy following a doctor approved fibromyalgia diet, you can reduce the intensity of your symptoms. You will still feel pain, fatigue and other signs of fibromyalgia, but they will no longer prevent you from following through on obligations, socializing with your friends and performing your work related duties. Some foods are great for sufferers of fibromyalgia, while others should be avoided at all costs. Here are the top 10 foods that should be kept away from patients with fibromyalgia.

1. Citrus fruits – Lemons, limes, oranges and other foods from citrus family may taste delicious, but they are terrible for fibromyalgia.

2. Trans fats – Although it is smart to stay away from trans fats whether you have fibromyalgia or not, just a small serving of this artery-clogging fat can make it difficult to manage all of your symptoms.

3. Unnatural preservatives and food dyes – Food coloring agents derived from plants are safe and natural, but anything that has synthetic materials is bad. For effective fibromyalgia pain relief, stick to natural preserves and colorants only.

4. Dairy products – Cheese, yogurt and milk should be a part of your personalized fibromyalgia diet, but only in small amounts. Try out alternatives such as soy milk and vegan cheese derived from nuts if you find that your cravings for dairy become too strong.

5. White sugar and flour – There’s nothing wrong with eating a little pasta or treating yourself to a flaky danish every now and then. However, brown sugar and whole wheat pasta is much better for you. Use this fibromyalgia natural treatment to knock out your sweet tooth and get full amount of carbohydrate your body needs daily.

6. Uncooked foods – While there are some exceptions on the fibromyalgia diet, uncooked foods can be a big no-no. Try cooked mixed vegetables instead of salad and take your herbs for fibromyalgia in pill or capsule form, rather than dried.

7. High fructose corn syrup – Extra sugary drinks and juices are made with corn syrup and white sugar. You can take vitamins for fibromyalgia to get the same nutritional content, and drink tea to give your diet more variety.

8. Yeast – This will be a difficult food to avoid as yeast is present in almost all baked goods. However, you will probably feel better once you keep it off of your daily menu.

9. Caffeine – It should go without saying that this stimulant can wreak havoc on the standard fibromyalgia diet. Caffeinated drinks should be kept to an absolute minimum.

10. Olive oil – For whatever reason, olive oil seems to inflame fibromyalgia symptoms in many sufferers.