Fire Ant Bites – What Can I Use to Treat Them?

Fire Ant BitesFire ant bites can be a big problem, and knowing what you can use to treat these bites can provide relief in most cases. Red fire ants are not your typical ant, and this insect gets you in two ways. First the ant grabs your skin in a death grip with their jaws, and then you get stung with the venom from the stinger at the other end. There are many remedies which can help soothe these bites and eliminate the burning, swelling, and pain you may feel.

Identifying insect bites is an important step in treating them, and if you have been attacked by fire ants it may be obvious. Fire ant bites itch intensely, even after the pain and burning has subsided, and may last for a week or longer before completely disappearing.

If you have been bitten before and have never had any allergy problems with this insect than home remedies and treatments will normally do the trick. If you experience any allergy symptoms after receiving fire ant bites then medical treatment should be received as soon as possible by going to the nearest Emergency Room.

At home you can try any of these five remedies, either DYI or avalable over-the-counter:

1. Fire ant bites cause an insect bite rash, which results in red itchy bumps on skin and using an antihistamine such as Benadryl can reduce swelling and itching.

2. Strong Hydrocortisone creams can be applied to the bites for relief.

3. Making a solution of equal parts bleach and water and rinsing the bites can also help.

4. Rubbing alcohol can be applied to stop the itching and burning sensations.

5. Fire ant bites can also be treated with a paste made from either baking soda or Tide powdered laundry soap and water, which is then applied and left on the bites until completely dry.