Fish Oil Dosage For Men, Women and Children

Fish Oil DosageTaking the right fish oil dosage is essential, whether you want to treat a specific affliction or just want to improve your sense of well being. Men, women and children may take different dosages of fish oil, but not for obvious reasons. Generally, your fish oil dosage will not be determined by weight or age.

Although children can safely take fish oil supplements if approved by their doctors, most are recommended fish oil because of ADD, ADHD, asthma or movement and coordination issues. A smaller dose of fish oil should be taken by children that have the above mentioned issues three times a day. The actual dose should be no more than 20 mg to 60 mg.

Women of childbearing age may be interested in fish oil health benefits that include miscarriage risk reduction and menstrual pain relief. Typically, women trying to prevent miscarriage much take a large fish oil dosage on a daily basis. Larger doses are not needed to treat cramps and menstrual pain, but they are not harmful.

Adult males that can get a sufficient amount of omega-3 may not need to take fish oil as a supplement. However, those with a family history of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure or high cholesterol might want to consider adding fish oil into their diets as a preventative measure.

In patients wishing to treat arthritis, anywhere from two to four grams of the best fish oil supplement should be taken daily. There are some ailments that may facilitate the need for a higher dosage, but they are few and far between. Adult women under the age of 50 usually end up taking more fish oil daily than either men or children.

Ultimately, the correct fish oil dosage for women, men and children can in anywhere from one to five grams per day. There is little danger associated with taking a higher dosage of fish oil, unless the person taking it is a small child or already has a condition that can be exasperated by the supplement. Fish oil side effects can become more apparent with higher dosages as well.