Flat Feet In Children Symptoms and Treatment

Flat Feet In ChildrenThe main symptoms of flat feet in children are pain and difficulty wearing shoes. However, the vast majority of kids who have flat feet show no symptoms at all. This is because arches are not developed until after the age of three. There are ways to deal with flat feet pain, but these treatments should only be pursued if your child’s pediatrician has expressed concern.

Flat feet in children do not usually result in impaired mobility. In the case of children, the best walking shoes for flat feet tend to have cups built in at the heels. There are many parents that assume that children with flat feet should always wear high top sneakers, but this is not true. Generally, no intervention is necessary with flat feet in children because they almost always grow out of it within a few years.

It is worth noting that flat feet comes in two varieties; flat and rigid. Rigid flat feet usually go hand in hand with certain physical disabilities and genetic disorders. Other than arch supports for flat feet, and occasionally, surgical treatments, rigid flat feet cannot be fixed. On the other hand, flexible flat feet in children are extremely common. In fact, the parties most alarmed by flexible flat feet are the parents of the patients. You should slowly see your child’s arch begin to rise as the years go by.

For children, flat feet running can be especially difficult. However, running, along with other physical activities can be helpful for reversing flexible flat feet. If you find that running is not helping your child, you may need to buy a special pair of running shoes or a better set of supportive insoles.

In short, dealing with your child’s flat feet can be taxing, but it is nothing to get terribly upset about. A quick evaluation by your child’s doctor will help you to be more informed and empowered. Flat feet can be genetic, but sometimes they come as a result of a lack of sufficient physical activity. Encourage your child to run, skip, hop and jump like normal because chances are flat feet will be a fleeting concern in your life.