Flat Feet Running Barefoot vs Shoes

Flat Feet RunningWhen considering taking up flat feet running, participants have to make a major choice. There are many types of sneakers and insoles that will help to make your stride steadier, but you may still not feel completely comfortable. Running barefoot also has many drawbacks and advantages. Although your final decision will be made according to your personal tastes, it is still important that you learn all of the facts first.

Some flat feet exercises can relieve tension and increase your arch, but it will not eliminate your condition altogether. Additionally, flat feet come in varying degrees. If you are able to run comfortably while using arch supports for flat feet, you may never need to consider barefoot running.

Keep in consideration the fact that running barefoot is considered to be a lifestyle that requires lots of sacrifice. Your feet will be exposed to the elements and harsh terrain, which will make you more prone to injury. While there is the argument that humans originally ran, walked and jogged without shoes, medical science has proven that protective footwear is very beneficial.

If you are seriously interested in flat feet running, your primary doctor will give you the best possible advice. There are some that believe that running barefoot helps to build the muscles in the foot that have become weak as a result of constantly using shoe inserts for flat feet, but again, this is mostly speculation. You can always try out barefoot running on an indoor track for a few days to see how you feel and reduce the chances of being injured.

If you do intend on barefoot running, you should still keep a pair of running shoes for flat feet on hand.

Even if you have flat feet running will give you more freedom and help to improve your health, but you still need to be aware of your limitations. It is better to come prepared so that you can continue flat feet running uninhibited. Plus, there is always the option of alternating between running barefoot and using a supportive running sneaker, depending on your environment and your mood that particular day.