Flaxseed Oil Hair Treatment Review

Flaxseed Oil HairThe benefits of a flaxseed oil hair treatment are clear, but some people aren’t sure which method is best for them. Taking the daily recommended flaxseed oil dosage will have an impact on the hair of your scalp and individual hair strands over time. Using the oil of flaxseeds as a hot oil treatment will have an immediate impact. Here is a review of all of the way that you can use the oil of flaxseeds to better your locks.

To encourage faster hair growth, you will want to choose a method and then stick to it for at least three months. If you decide to get the benefits of flaxseed oil by using the oil directly on your hair, first make sure that you have thoroughly shampooed and conditioned your mane. Afterward, you will want to heat the oil slightly, saturating your scalp and hair, and then wrap your head with a soft and non-irritating towel. You can keep this concoction in place for a few minutes or a few hours. Be sure to rinse with cool water in order to seal in the moisture and keep the hair cuticles intact.

Taking flaxseed oil supplements are much more convenience, but you will need to remember to keep up this regime. Forgetting to take flaxseed oil hair supplements once or twice isn’t a big deal, but you cannot go more than a couple of days without them. Otherwise, your progress will be stunted and you will not be able to accurately determine how it is working for you.

Overall, you will get faster results with the hot flaxseed oil hair treatment. As soon as your hair dries and is styled, you will see a big difference. This is especially true for those with damaged strands, dry scalps and split ends. Using the supplements overtime will strengthen the actual strands, giving you thicker and fuller hair. There is no reason that you cannot use both treatments at the same time, just make sure that you do not ingest more than 4,000 mg of flaxseeds everyday. All in all, hair of all types can benefit from these fast acting and advantageous treatments.