Food Allergy Testing Kit Review

Food Allergy TestingFor whatever reason, you may opt to purchase a food allergy testing kit for home use. These kits tend to be very expensive, which is why most consumers want to know which one is best before making an investment. People who have peanut allergy symptoms usually avoid peanuts just to be on the safe side, but others would rather know without a shadow of a doubt if they are allergic. Here are some of the best food allergy testing kit brands available.

The Omnivore Food Allergy Panel is moderately priced, and gives users the ability to test for more than 100 different food allergies, including shellfish allergy. The instructions are easy to follow and results are available rapidly. With the use of this kit, you will know if you have a dairy allergy or if you are allergic to something more uncommon.

The Vitamin Research Products food allergy testing kit is a little more expensive, but it is also all inclusive. Everything from dairy to the beet allergy is covered. Not many consumers have given their feedback on this product.

Compared to lab testing, home food allergy testing seems to be slightly less reliable. Although a lab will be scrutinizing the results of both types of tests, home testing does not give you access to the educated option of a medical professional. Additionally, user error can lead to complications. It is possible that some histamine foods can be used when utilizing a home test.

If you already know that you have tree nut allergies, there is no need to order a home allergy test. On the other hand, realize that food allergies can develop at any point in life. Additionally, it is possible to be allergic to multiple kinds of foods. Sometimes the food allergy testing methods used at conventional labs are not thorough enough. Although rare, celery allergy does exist.

For people that have been repeatedly tested by their doctors for food allergies, these home kits may provide relief. Otherwise, consider going to a medical professional that specializes in allergies. If you don’t know what it is that you are allergic to, you will have a much harder time avoiding allergens.