Foot Swelling – What Might Be Causing It?

Foot SwellingIf you experience foot swelling on a regular basis this can be a cause for concern. There are many reasons that you may notice swelling in your feet, some that are no cause for concern and some that may be serious and require immediate medical attention. A mosquito bite swelling is one reason why your foot may swell, and if you get bit frequently this problem can recur. This cause is not serious, and usually the swelling will go down within hours.

Congestive heart failure is one reason that your feet may swell up frequently. This cause of foot swelling is serious. With this condition your heart does not work as effectively as it should, and slowly becomes less efficient at pumping blood and eliminating waste. You will start to retain fluid and swell up as a result. This condition can be fatal, and requires immediate medical attention as well as other measures to minimize the amount of fluid you retain.

Another cause of frequent foot swelling is certain types of arthritis. Degenerative arthritis can be a common cause of swelling in your feet, and this condition can also cause pain and inflammation as well. Moving your feet and toes may become painful, and your feet may feel sore, burn, and feel hot to the touch. At times the skin over the affected area may become red. If this is the cause of your foot problems and swelling then you may need to seek treatment from your physician, to manage all of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Foot swelling can have many different causes, and unless you know what the problem is then ignoring this condition can be a big mistake. If you have problems with neuropathy in feet, pain, swelling, toe numbness, or other symptoms this can be a sign of a serious condition that needs to be evaluated and monitored. If you are unsure of the reason for your foot swelling have it checked out. This will help you determine whether the cause is a simple thing that is minor, or a serious problem that requires immediate treatment.