Foot Warts Duct Tape Home Remedy – Is It Really Working?

Foot Warts Duct TapeDoes the foot warts duct tape home remedy really work? Out of all of the home remedies for wart removal available, this one does not seem like it would work otherwise why are all of the other products created? Foot warts removal can be done in a number of ways, and some of them are painful while others are expensive and require a dermatologist. Freezing warts can be done at home or by the dermatologist, but this method may not always be effective and the price range can vary from small for home kits all the way up to very expensive for medical procedures. Duct tape only costs a few dollars and may be just as effective as laser wart removal and other expensive methods, although there may be more time required for the wart to be completely removed.

The foot warts duct tape method will work on flat warts as well as those which are raised up, and the treatment is easy to use and follow. All you have to do is apply the duct tape completely over the wart, and then leave this on for six days. After this time period has passed you will remove the duct tape and then soak the affected area in water for ten minutes. Once the area has been completely soaked then take an emery board or nail file and start to remove the dead skin in the area. The foot warts duct tape home remedy really is that simple. Next you simply repeat these steps if the wart is still visible.

You can tell that the foot warts duct tape remedy is working because you will notice that the tissue of the wart starts to become a whitish color and appears crusty. This will happen within one or two weeks of starting the treatment, and the wart will gradually continue to disappear over time. This remedy can be very effective for almost all types of warts, including mosaic warts, and may work just as well as more expensive treatments or even those given by a dermatologist. Why not to try the foot warts duct tape home remedy and see if it works for your warts?