Foul Smelling Urine Causes

Foul Smelling UrineUrine is a liquid waste product of the body’s metabolic processes composed mainly of water, soluble organic compounds and toxins. Urine of a healthy person ranges in color from clear to dark amber and has a very mild ammonia scent. If an individual is not consuming enough liquids, he can develop dark yellow urine with a much stronger ammonia odor to it.

A variety of foods and medications we ingest can affect the appearance and smell of the urine. Asparagus, for example, is a known culprit for giving you foul smelling urine; beets will give your urine a reddish color to it; vitamin B group will result in bright yellow urine with a chemical odor. All these affects on the urine are temporary and completely harmless.

However, if you noticed foul smelling urine along with burning and painful sensation while urinating, pains in the lower back and stomach, these could be the symptoms of bladder infection. Along with these symptoms your might develop cloudy urine, bladder leakage, frequent urges to urinate without ability to completely empty the bladder. Women are more prone to developing urinary tract and bladder infections due to their anatomical structure of the urethra, which is much shorter compared to a male’s urinary tract.

There are a variety of other medical conditions that might give you foul smelling urine and they are usually accompanied by other symptoms. Uncontrolled high blood sugar or undiagnosed diabetes will give your urine a slightly “sugary” smell to it, which is a very important indication for your doctor to perform more tests. Musty urine odor is a sign of a possible liver disease or a rare metabolic disorder phenylketonuria. Foamy urine along with bad odor could be a warning sign for serious kidney damage and should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible.

Urine smell is a very important indicator for you and your doctor of the processes happening in your body, and if you experience foul smelling urine along with other symptoms like fever, pains or simply do not feel right, see your doctor right away to insure a proper diagnosis.