Free HPV Testing For Men Review

HPV Testing For MenHuman papilloma virus or HPV testing for men has not yet been thoroughly developed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In women, a Pap test can detect HPV. A sample of the cells of the cervix can reveal HPV. There is no test to check the skin cells of the penis in the same way which is why there is no HPV testing for men. The fact that there is no HPV testing for men is unfortunate since HPV transmission is accomplished through sexual contact. There are as many as 100 kinds of HPVs. Only about 40 kinds of HPV cause symptoms such as genital warts and even cancer. HPV virus in men may be present, yet the without any real symptoms. A man can have HPV and not know it. He may unwittingly pass the virus on to his sexual partner. If we had reliable HPV testing for men, we could better prevent the spread of this disease.

The Gardisil vaccination can protect people against 90% of the HPV types that cause genital warts. The vaccination is administered to both males and females between the ages of 9 and 26. One of the most obvious signs of genital warts is raised areas on and around the skin of the genitals and anus. Often, a cluster of genital warts looks something like a small head of cauliflower. You can find more than one over the counter treatment for genital warts, but their effectiveness is doubtful. If you suspect that you have genital warts, you should definitely see your doctor. The doctor can diagnose and treat or remove the warts. Refrain from sexual contact until the doctor gives you the “all clear.” Remember, the only way to truly prevent the spread of HPV is through abstinence or the consistent use of condoms.