Free Orthodontic Treatment – Who Is Eligible?

Free Orthodontic TreatmentIt is no secret that orthodontic treatment does not come cheap. Whether it’s the cost of braces for adults or for children, teeth straightening will come with a pretty price to pay. Not everyone has dental insurance to cover at least a portion of the expense. In fact, with a struggling economy and level of joblessness, folks will seek out assistance for free orthodontic treatment, or at least a good discount on services. Finding an orthodontist who will grant free orthodontic treatment would seem impossible, and perhaps it is. However, if an orthodontist will not hand out free braces, perhaps he or she will agree to provide a portion of the services at a discount. Or, maybe they will throw in a discounted cost for the removable orthodontic appliances rather than the mouthful of irremovable dental appliances, or vice versa depending on their specialty.

The first step in finding free orthodontic treatment, or at least some kind of assistance to bring the cost down, is to begin with the orthodontist. Honesty is the best policy. And, if the orthodontist knows your situation, he or she may do whatever possible to lower the cost. If dental insurance is not an option, look into dental plans which can be paid into for added assistance. Some folks go to beauty schools to get a free or discounted haircut. Well, a school for dentistry may offer services, if not for free orthodontic treatment, but perhaps a discounted rate for the treatment. Since the care would be under the direction of an instructor, the students would most likely do a decent job in applying and maintaining the braces.

Contacting the government is another avenue of seeking dental assistance when it comes to excessive misalignment of teeth which physically gets in the way of a normal life. Perhaps there are local organizations, or even your church, that would assist with getting orthodontic treatment at a decent cost. The places to find free orthodontic treatment may be few and far between. With some good research, however, it may be possible to at least get a percentage removed from the total bill.