Freezing Warts – When Can I Use This Method?

Freezing WartsFreezing warts is a common removal method, but when exactly can this method be used and which types of warts can be treated this way? Freezing, which is also called cryosurgery, involves two steps in a process that will eliminate the wart without causing any damage to the skin surrounding it. This method can be used for facial wart removal, but in some extremely sensitive areas there may be some discomfort involved. Freezing may also be used in home remedies for wart removal, although these treatments are not as effective or intense as those that are performed in a physician’s office. The cost is also a lot less, and many of the home products available can be effective.

It is possible for foot warts removal to be done by freezing, and this is also true of warts on your hand. These areas are more sensitive however, so they may be more painful than warts on other areas of the body. Freezing warts may be a better option than laser wart removal for genital warts and other types, because it is less expensive and less invasive. It is important to note though that freezing warts in the genital area will not cure the problem, it will simply remove the warts. You will still have the infection and new genital warts may appear.

Freezing warts can be effective for perianal warts as well as other types. If you have warts which are unsightly or uncomfortable then freezing them off may be a good option. This method can be used on almost any type of wart, but it may involve more than one cryo treatment depending on the size and location of wart. Freezing warts is also no guarantee that another one will not appear. If you have warts that you want removed then you can either try and at home freezing kits or you can visit a dermatologist and have cryosurgery done in the office, depending on your budget and preferences.