Gallstone Pancreatitis – What Remedies Can I Use?

Gallstone PancreatitisGallstone pancreatitis condition is described as presence of gallstones in the gallbladder itself or gallbladder passages that subsequently result in inflamed pancreas and blockages of the pancreatic ducts.

Gallbladder’s function is to store bile that is produced by the liver and later dispense it into the stomach as soon as food is consumed. With gallstone removal, bile is continuously present in the stomach juices no matter if the food is ingested or not.

Gallstone pancreatitis is developed if the amount of cholesterol excreted from the liver exceeds the concentration of the bile secreted from the gallbladder making it impossible for the body to process excessive cholesterol and remove it from the body. Additionally, if a person takes food at irregular intervals, bile present in the gallbladder becomes especially thick and prone to form gallstones.

Maintaining a proper gallbladder diet for life is essential for managing gallstone pancreatitis and should focus on including a variety of wholesome and living ingredients limiting heavily processed fast foods. Exclude all caffeinated, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, deli meat, greasy cuts of meat and simple starches. Since your gallstone pancreatitis condition is present, your body’s ability to process fats is impaired and consuming high levels of fat can have serious health consequences.

Gallstone pancreatitis treatment plan can implement surgical and non-surgical approaches. Gallstone pancreatitis non-surgical treatment is intended to dissolve existing gallstones utilizing a few options. Gallstone oral dissolution approach is prescribed in the form of oral medications that are supposed to dissolve smaller gallstones, this treatment will not work for larger or numerous stones. Other methods to dissolve gallstones are carried out by injecting certain medications directly in the gallbladder or through using shock waves that might break up gallstones into smaller pieces so they can exit the gallbladder passages. Both of these methods for gallstone pancreatitis treatment usually bring mixed results.

Surgical approach is the most prevalent remedy for treating gallstone pancreatitis condition and is carried out by laparoscopic cholecystectomy, or gallbladder removal through a small abdominal incision which allows for faster recovery time and better results.

Diet after gallbladder surgery will support the liver function and reduce the workload on the digestive system. Fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, lean poultry and low fat dairy products are the foundation for your pancreatitis diet plan that should be maintained for the rest of your life to cut risk of developing further bile-related health conditions.