Gastroparesis Diet Plan – What Foods To Include?

Gastroparesis Diet PlanThose with gastroparesis need to be very careful about the foods that they consume. The traditional gastroparesis diet plan includes light meals made with little fat. Because their stomachs cannot properly digest or metabolize many foods, a light diet filled with smaller meals can help prevent most side effects from occurring. Many cases of gastroparesis can be linked to the patients’ medical or family history, but idiopathic gastroparesis has no apparent cause. Smoking tobacco products, diabetes and other chronic diseases have been listed as the main causes of this digestive disorder.

Patients with gastroparesis are urged to consume their meals over the course of the day so that their stomachs can learn how to work more efficiently. Small and frequents meals are preferred. Foods that are high in fiber are better to be avoided or should be used in moderation in the gastroparesis diet plan because they can wreck a havoc in gastroparesis patients, same applies to fiber supplements. Although fiber is an effective popular solution for constipation problems but in gastroparesis cases effect of fiber use can be counterproductive. Although all gastroparesis causes are not known, anything that can damage the stomach or digestive system may also be a cause for this disorder.

Almost all gastroparesis symptoms revolve around the stomach. Sharp abdominal pain, repeated vomiting, nausea, heartburn and elevated blood glucose readings may signal that you have gastroparesis or something altogether different. Doctors usually run a battery of tests before confirming that a patient has this specific medical condition.

If you have been thinking about starting a gastroparesis diet plan, you should mainly eat small portions of easily digested food that is chewed properly and broken down easily by stomach, liquid form of foods like low fat milkshakes and low fat meats. Foods and beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol should be avoided as much as possible. Some patients affected by this disorder also need to avoid dairy products and fried foods as they are more difficult to digest.

Soups made with clear broth, salads and crackers are also easily digestible foods that are good for the gastroparesis diet plan. You can play around with different foods to see which ones best agree with your stomach. Any stomach pain and bloating will immediately signal that you need to modify your diet again. On occasion, it may be possible for you to eat foods that are richer and heavier, but each case of gastroparesis is different. There are also medications available that might aid in reducing your symptoms.