Genital Warts In Men vs Women – Is Treatment Different?

Genital Warts In MenThere are several differences between genital warts in men and women, but they aren’t always obvious. The first and most obvious difference is in the areas in which male genital warts appear. When men have genital warts, they are generally restricted to the upper thighs, groin and genitalia. By contrast, genital warts in women may appear on the outside of the genitalia as well as the inside. Additionally, women may have more difficult pregnancies and be relegated to have cesarean sections. Men usually have no reproductive issues due to having genital warts.

When it comes to treatments, genital warts in men are handled in a similar manner to women. Oral, over the counter medication for genital warts may be used first, especially if the outbreak is mild. Doctors can also freeze off genital warts in men during outpatient procedures. Laser wart removal methods may also be used in both male and female patients.

The main reason that there are a few differences between men and women and genital warts treatments is that the HPV virus in men is far more difficult to detect. HPV can be quickly and easily discovered in women when they keep up with their yearly pap smears. On the other hand, STD tests for men don’t generally include HPV screening. This means that the virus can be left to manifest for far longer in men. As a result, genital warts in men tend to be more mature when they are first noticed.

Whether you are male or female, realize that genital warts can only be treated after you have made your doctor aware of your condition. It is not safe to rely on home remedies to get rid of genital warts as there may be some areas that cannot be detected with the human eye alone. After your genital warts are treated by a medical professional, you will know exactly how to react in case of another breakout. Modern treatments for genital warts are considered to be safe and highly effective, so the sooner that you schedule an appointment with your doctor, the faster your suffering can end.