Getting Rid of Double Chin – What Are My Options?

Getting Rid of Double ChinWhatever the cause may be of the extra chin we’d rather not have, many will choose one of the various methods of getting rid of double chin. Some will take the extreme route and have surgery for a double chin removal. Others will take the non surgical, more natural avenue of ridding a double chin. This may include double chin exercises and facial muscle exercises. There are times a double chin is present because of excess weight. If that is the case, dropping some pounds would slim down that extra chin. Then again, a double chin is very often due to heredity, and even age. No matter what the cause may be, getting rid of double chin for many is just as important as slimming down other parts of the body.

To begin with the non surgical method of getting rid of double chin, finding the right toning exercises for facial muscles and neck muscles is the key. Adding such a workout used in conjunction with a weight loss program will definitely trim down the chin from a double to a single. One example of an exercise done for getting rid of double chin is as simple as can be. And, that would be chewing gum. This exercise will work the facial and jaw muscles to tighten up and trim down the chin. Another exercise is to hold the head as far backwards as possible, holding position for ten seconds before returning to normal, then repeating a few more times.

Many will take the more dramatic route for getting rid of double chin. Surgery is often cosmetically performed for removing a double chin. There is plastic chin surgery as one choice. Then, there is the liposuction procedure which will suction the excess chin fat which creates the double chin. Either way, there is much more pain involved when surgery is done rather than if the double chin was eliminated from losing weight or doing a few simple exercises to tone up and slim down. As with any type of cosmetic treatment, how to lose a double chin is an individual choice.