Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss Program Review

gluten free diet weight lossIf it’s not one weight loss fad, it’s another. And, for people thinking about starting a gluten free diet, weight loss might be another consideration. This may be in part because of books and blogs written about the weight loss that can be experienced while making dietary changes for the sake of sensitivity or gluten allergy symptoms.

However, there is no medical evidence that a gluten free diet weight loss plan will do anything at all to help you shed unwanted pounds. And, in some cases, you can even gain weight.

It’s important to understand why the diet elitists. For people dealing with the everyday symptoms that celiac disease or gluten intolerance can cause gluten free diet benefits can be a real life changer by helping to eliminate problematic symptoms such as gastrointestinal trouble, headaches and mood swings. However, a recent explosion of gluten free products have flooded markets and grocery stores trying to capitalize on the program and this has created a huge following of people who claim that a gluten free diet weight loss plan actually works.

Think about what a diet that is free from gluten actually means. For starters, it eliminates a lot of carbs. This could contribute to weight loss. So, it’s possible that people who couldn’t stay away from pasta or refined breads, big sources of carbs, could lose a bit of weight on a gluten free diet weight loss plan. However, for others that didn’t over eat these foods to begin with, little if any change would be evident. Another component of eating gluten free is almost absolute dessert avoidance. Of course, skipping dessert all the time for people that readily enjoyed it, could contribute to a small amount of pound droppage for people trying a gluten free diet weight loss plan.

Whether or not you see any variances in weight when abstaining from gluten will all depend on what you eat, and, what you ate before you went on it. For people who maintained sensible diets before hand and are merely eliminating food items that cause unpleasant symptoms and opting instead for gluten free diet recipes, weight will likely not fluctuate much. For others who enjoyed an over abundance of carb laden foods and sugary drinks, big no nos on a gluten-less diet, weight loss is almost unavoidable because of the dietetic changes being made.

A gluten free weight loss plan is not an effective way to lose weight. A healthy and balanced diet that takes the proper parts from all of the different parts of that old school food pyramid, combined with regular exercise and proper sleeping habits are the best ways to help your body shed unwanted poundage. A gluten free diet can be very useful to people who suffer daily from symptoms of gluten intolerance, however it’s intended to manage that condition, not help people lose weight. If you experience pound shedding on a gluten free diet weight loss plan, it’s likely because you are eliminating foods that were contributing to unwanted pounds in the first place, and you don’t need a special diet to identify foods that are problematic for your waistline.