Goldenseal Plant Uses in Herbal Medicine

Goldenseal PlantIf you are interested in herbal medicine, then you should look into the goldenseal plant. Goldenseal is a plant that grows wild in North America but, because of overharvesting, is now endangered. For this reason, goldenseal is now grown commercially (and sometimes organically) on large farms throughout the United States, especially in the Blue Ridge Mountain area, where the climate is just right. There are many goldenseal benefits and uses, so it is definitely worth learning more about goldenseal to see if it is the right supplement for you. Take a moment and read over this rundown of goldenseal plant uses in herbal medicine before you make a trip to the store:

– The underground stems and roots of goldenseal are used to make liquid extracts, solid extracts that are made into tablets and capsules, and goldenseal tea. This makes goldenseal an easily ingestible herbal supplement for most people.

– Goldenseal, in combination with Echinacea, is a common all-natural remedy for respiratory problems like the common cold, the flu, upper respiratory infections, fungal and bacterial lung infections, and bronchitis. This is one of the most common goldenseal uses because of the herbs concentration of infection-fighting alkaloids.

– Those with diabetes may benefit from the insulin raising effect of the goldenseal plant.

– Goldenseal is great for injuries because it treats inflammation, acts as a sedative and has antibacterial properties.

– Goldenseal side effects are rare and mild, and may include nausea and vomiting, most likely because goldenseal is known to aid in increasing digestive secretions.

As you can see, there may be many benefits to adding a goldenseal regime to your health plan. As with taking the goldenseal plant or any other type of herbal supplement or medication, be sure to seek your doctor’s advice before committing to a dosing schedule.