Goldenseal Side Effects

Goldenseal Side EffectsSimilar to other herbal products, goldenseal side effects can occur if the goldenseal plant is taken for prolonged periods of time or at large doses.

Pregnant women should not attempt goldenseal uses since it might lead to excessive uterine stimulation and even pre-term labor.

Individuals with sensitive stomachs, especially ones prone to acid indigestion, should exercise caution while using this herb to avoid goldenseal side effects. Goldenseal plant is an appetite booster, mild laxative and a bile stimulant. If you have gallbladder or pancreas conditions, avoid using goldenseal before discussing with your doctor whether it’s safe for you.

Echinacea and goldenseal is perhaps the golden combination in helping your body boost its immunity, however, if you are a diabetic taking insulin, be advised that compounds found in these plants can additionally lower your blood sugar leading to a potentially dangerous condition.

There have been reports of goldenseal side effects in conjunction with taking certain medicines like, for example, Cyclosporine. Goldenseal side effects might prevent body from breaking down the compounds of this drug, therefore leading to dangerously high concentrations of Cyclosporine in patient’s blood. Avoid goldenseal uses while on this medication.

Despite multiple goldenseal benefits, this herb along with other plant preparations should be used with caution and after talking to your doctor.