Goldenseal Tea – Benefits and Where To Buy!

Goldenseal TeaGoldenseal has a rather sketchy reputation. It has long been thought of as an effective tool to clean the urine for traces of drug use. As many failed drug testee have discovered, goldenseal benefits do not include removing evidence of drug use from the urine. But, that doesn’t mean that all the perks that come from the goldenseal plant are invalid. While mostly scientifically unproven, there are still many users who claim that this herb, and most popularly goldenseal tea, is useful for a plethora of health benefits.

Have a cold? Perhaps a piping hot cup of goldenseal tea is the cure for your malady. After all, it’s also been used for centuries for everything from the sniffles to whooping cough. Experiencing tummy troubles? Well the goldenseal root has long been thought to be an effective remedy for many digestive plights such as cramping, swelling, diarrhea, ulcers, gas, constipation and hemorrhoids. Goldenseal uses don’t stop there though. It’s been used for urinary tract infections, fatigue, and internal bleeding; although, if you are experiencing internal bleeding, you’d best head directly to the emergency room and not into the kitchen for a cup of goldenseal tea. While many ancient uses for this product are impractical today, goldenseal tea can still prove useful as a home remedy for many day to day mild ailments.

So where do you buy this wonder herb, or better yet, teabags ready for the brewing? Online is probably your best and easiest option. However, be wary when purchasing herbs online. It’s important to ensure that you are buying from a reputable purveyor who is dealing their herbal wares out of the country that you live in. Because laws regarding herbs and supplements vary greatly from location to location, you’ll want to stick to herbs bought from your own country; it will give you a better shot of knowing that you are getting what you intended to purchase. Amazon is a great seller that backs its transactions for quality. If you aren’t much of an online shopper, and don’t have a natural or whole foods store near you, check out your local drugstore. Many local pharmacies carry the goldenseal teabags, and at around $10.00, are likely almost as cheap as bargain online shopping.