Gonococcal Pharyngitis Symptoms and Treatment

Gonococcal PharyngitisThere are sore throats, and then there is gonococcal pharyngitis. The name sounds innocent enough, however it’s genuinely a dirty word. Transmission via oral sex is the spread method of this contagious beastie, and although symptoms are usually mild, complications such as PID and sterility are real realities. If you have been letting your mouth do a little but more than talking, you may be experiencing some of the symptoms of gonococcal pharyngitis, which in many ways mimics other forms of tonsil infection, such as the common (and commonly spread) streptococcal pharyngitis, or strep throat. Because of its association with gonorrhea and the often lack of presence of symptoms early on, this condition can be mistaken for other mild maladies such as granular pharyngitis or laryngitis.

You may experience lymph nodes that are sore, tender and swollen, or muscle aches and pains, all common complaints of many who have encountered any duration of a pharyngitis contagious incubation period. You may also experience nasal discharge and congestion, which might lead you to think that you merely have a cold. People with gonococcal pharyngitis may also experience neck pain and an abnormal sense of taste; however there are some people who literally experience no symptoms at all initially. Given the sexual nature in which gonococcal pharyngitis is spread, people who are asymptomatic are at a tremendously higher risk of transferring the condition to others because they simply do not know that they have it. In asymptomatic people, the condition is often not discovered until it has maneuvered its way into the blood stream and infected the rest of the body producing the full blown symptoms of gonorrhea.

Thankfully, gonococcal pharyngitis and its underlying sexually transmitted disease cause are both easily treated via antibiotics, although their increasing resistance has left muscle injections of ceftriaxone as the only still standing option for effective treatment in many cases. Many people are treated for Chlamydia once they have been determined to have gonorrhea or gonococcal pharyngitis because the two sexually transmitted diseases can appear simultaneously.

In most cases, you cannot prevent illness, germs and other microscopic beasties that have no problem hunting you down or hopping from person to person at a cocktail party. However, this is one sore throat that you absolutely can avoid. By making good decisions with regards your sexual habits and partners, not only can you avoid being afflicted with this oral obstacle, but you can also be a proactive police officer to help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.