Grape Seed Extract Side Effects

Grape Seed Extract Side EffectsGrape seed extract side effects are not common but they can occur, and these can be considered either minor or major depending on the specific side effect. The grape seed extract benefits are well known, all anyone has to do is look at the population of France to see this. Scientific studies have shown the benefits of grape seed extract for allergies as well as many other medical problems and conditions, But is this supplement is safe to use? Most of the side effects seen are minor and are more irritating than anything else, but a few can be serious and require medical attention in rare circumstances.

An allergic reaction is one of the serious grape seed extract side effects, and if the reaction is severe and goes untreated anaphylactic shock may set in and cause a life threatening situation. This may be seen as a little ironic because many individuals buy grape seed extract because of allergies. Another of the more serious grape seed extract side effects is bleeding, both internally and externally. This may be exhibited as injuries including cuts which do not stop bleeding normally, or by signs of internal bleeding which can include dark blood in the stool, bright blood in the stool, or blood in vomit. Any serious side effects should be evaluated by a physician immediately.

Most of the time any grape seed extract side effects experienced are mild. These can include a sore throat, nausea, cough, headaches, a scalp which becomes dry and itchy, pain in the abdomen, or dizziness. Some of these are also common Resveratrol side effects if the Resveratrol use exceeds the recommended dosage. These grape seed extract side effects will normally go away once you stop using the supplement, and they do not usually cause any medical problems. You should always check with your doctor before you start any supplement or herb, especially if you have any medical conditions or concerns.