Gum Disease Symptoms You Should Not Miss

Gum Disease SymptomsGum disease is a condition that begins at any age, but usually found in adults. With early detection of gum recession and tooth decay symptoms<, there is a better chance to reverse gum disease. The earliest stage of gum disease is called gingivitis where gums are inflamed because of plaque accumulation at the gum line. Damage at this level can also be reversed if the gum disease symptoms are detected. The next stage of gum disease is periodontitis in which teeth support is damaged and pockets under the gum line are formed to collect food particles. The last stage of gum disease, advanced periodonitis, includes the destruction of bone and fiber support. This progressed condition will cause teeth to move and loosen. Oral surgery called gingival flap surgery is sometimes performed for periodontitis or advanced periodonitis. If the disease is too advanced, teeth sometimes need to be removed.

The following are top five gum disease symptoms:

1. Gums will be tender and puffy. The swelling and redness is an obvious sign there is something going on in the mouth that isn’t normal and needs attention.

2. Continuous bleeding of gums when brushing is another one of the gum disease symptoms.

3. If the teeth appear to be longer because the gums are receding, pulling away from the teeth, this is a sure sign of an abnormal condition in the mouth.

4. If teeth seem to be loose and mouth sores are detected, or pus is found between the teeth, an immediate assessment is needed as these gum disease symptoms denote an advancement of the condition.

5. When continuously seeking bad breath remedies or the perfect halitosis cure and nothing seems to work, more than likely there is more than yesterday’s dinner lingering in the mouth. Continuous bad breath may be the gum disease symptom enlightening you to get further attention from a dental professional.