Gustatory Rhinitis Treatment – Drugs vs Natural Remedies?

Gustatory RhinitisHave you ever nibbled on a hot wing that was a little hotter than you anticipated and noticed that you started literally experiencing sinus infection signs and symptoms? You’re not crazy, it’s actually rather common. In fact, gustatory rhinitis, which is often caused by environmental triggers, can mimic the symptoms of all sorts of sinus conditions including everything from vasomotor rhinitis to pollen allergies. Sufferers will often experience a runny or stuffy nose and watery eyes as primary symptoms and may also experiencing sneezing. Gustatory rhinitis can occur after alcohol consumption as well as after eating certain foods and occurs most likely due to dilation of the blood vessels in the nose. Symptoms of gustatory rhinitis normally will dissipate on their own shortly after consumption of the offending food however can last as long as a few hours, which may leave you searching for a remedy.

You will find that you have many options for treating your acute condition and many of them are similar to those used by people suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis. For instance, medicines such as over the counter options for nasal symptoms or nasal irrigation are options and may be ideal for severe symptoms. However, you may find that because your underlying condition cause is different from those requiring products such as antihistamines that many of these medications are ineffective and a waste of money. You may want to consider instead natural options, many of which are similar to home remedies for sinus infection symptoms. Avoiding the irritant that created your symptoms in the first place can also be an additional home remedy to consider. However, unless your symptoms start immediately after consumption, you may have a hard time determining what caused your gustatory rhinitis. You may find that this is a practical time to consider medications if you can’t seem to stay away from the offending food or drink that caused your symptoms in the first place, and some recommend that you take an over the counter antihistamine an hour before consuming foods that might cause you to experience gustatory rhinitis.

For home remedy options alternatively, consider for instance, peppermint oil. It can help to improve airflow, a huge benefit for inflamed nasal areas, and it can help stimulate reception. You may find that because peppermint oil works differently from over the counter medications that it’s more effective for treating your gustatory rhinitis. You may also want to consider frankincense that has long been praised for its ability to almost instantly relieve nasal congestion. Because of the speedy and effective way that both frankincense and peppermint oil relieve nasal maladies, they are both potentially better options than over the counter medicines to treat your gustatory rhinitis.