Halitosis Cure – What to Do If You Have a Bad Breath?

Halitosis CureHalitosis, the clinical term for bad breath, is a condition which results from various health problems, inadequate dental health practices, food choices, and lifestyle routines. Bad breath could be one of the first gum disease symptoms to arise when such a condition is present. Studies show how beneficial garlic is for our health, yet the halitosis side effect is highly unwelcome. Bad breath is also a side effect of oral surgery procedures for many reasons including the settled bacteria during the healing process. Not regularly brushing and flossing will cause food particles to develop into oral bacteria. Chewing tobacco and smoking is not only bad for the overall health. Since halitosis is highly probable for tobacco lovers, kicking the habit would aid in a halitosis cure.

Bad breath is at times the result of other health issues, especially the digestive process which begins in the mouth when food is chewed. Diseases such as liver or kidney dysfunction, diabetes, acid reflux, and sinus problems will add to a halitosis problem. When oral hygiene is not properly practiced, gum disease and other dental issues will develop. For this reason, regular dental appointments including bi-annual hygiene professionally administered along with adequate daily care of teeth is of the utmost importance to the halitosis cure. Some bad breath remedies are similar to sore throat home remedies, especially since bacteria begins in back of the throat. A suggested halitosis cure for this is gargling with either apple cider vinegar and water or salt with water.

Drinking plenty of water is a halitosis treatment as dry mouth is grounds for bacteria production since the acid balance is altered from lack of hydration. Having enough saliva by means of chewing gum and consuming enough liquids is an important halitosis cure since saliva will destroy bacteria. A natural halitosis cure consists of absorbing the juice of a lemon wedge into the mouth or holding a whole coffee bean in the mouth. For added freshness and defense against bacteria, using a baking soda paste for the teeth and tongue have been frequently suggested. Also, a hydrogen peroxide of one tablespoon to five tablespoons of water is a common natural halitosis cure. Good hygiene is one of the best defenses of bad breath. Flossing and brushing should be done at least twice daily.