Hawthorn Berry Dosage – How Much Is Recommended?

Hawthorn Berry DosageMany parts of the hawthorn plant are used to make medicines, but likely the most popular is the berry. These plants’ berries are one of the many purported natural herbal remedies for high blood pressure, although it is also said to treat low pressure. The vascular hawthorn berry extract benefits don’t end in a sphygmomanometer however, as certain types of heart disease, chest pain and irregular heartbeat are all thought to benefit from a hawthorn berry.

Yes everything from tummy trouble to skin conditions are purportedly curable with hawthorn berry, and while many of these claims don’t hold a whole lot of water, it hasn’t kept people from rushing out for a hawthorn berry supplement, or crafting their very own piping hot pot of herbal hawthorn berry tea. But, how frequently are users considering hawthorn berry dosage? Are the labels accurate? How much hawthorn berry can you take safely?

One product, notable for its use in heart failure, lists a hawthorn berry dosage of between 160 mg to 1800 mg divided between 3 dosages daily. As if the large gap between the high end and low end of this hawthorn berry product isn’t confusing enough, there are few resources that provide guidelines for proper hawthorn berry dosage. The best rule of thumb when dealing with unknown variables for supplement dosing is to start with the lowest possible dose and work your way up. Using too high of a hawthorn berry dosage may lead to adverse side effects. Because of the unknowns associated with use in children, there is no recommended safe dosage for children. It is not advisable that children take this supplement, as its effects on them have not been evaluated and deemed safe.

If you are considering a supplement, it’s best to consult with your health care provider. This will ensure that you do not have any health conditions that can be affected by this natural supplement, or take any medications that might interact with it. High doses of hawthorn berry have been linked to toxicity and if you experience any adverse effects from using this supplement, discontinue use and consult with your doctor.