HCG Diet Plan Controversy – Can You Survive on 500 Calories A Day?

HCG DietHCG diet is one of the most controversial diet plans, designed by Dr. Simeons as a solution for obesity. HCG diet makes use of a calorie restrictive diet plan and hcg diet injections for appetite suppression and mood regulation.

With this diet you don’t have to calculate how many calories to lose weight as plan requires you to consume 500 calories per day. Some experts say that weight loss on low calorie diets can be due to muscle loss. However, according to Dr. Simeons hcg hormone that is present in pregnant females, maintains a constant body mass irrespective of calorie intake and expenditure, signaling the brain to burn fat for energy. This happens only when the body takes in calories less than a critical value, which in this case is 500 calories.

Since vitamins and minerals stored in the fat are released and utilized by the body when the fat is burned, hcg diet according to its proponents is virtually harmless and effective even on such low calorie diet. Many people who have undergone the treatment report considerable weight loss, suppressed appetite and mood elevation. However, according to several research studies hcg showed no effect in added weight loss.

Opponents of the diet argue that the weight loss can be due to the restriction of calories. They also question the health implication of injecting a pregnancy hormone that is not required into the body. Although no studies found drastic hcg shots for weight loss side effects, some of the common side effects can include dizziness, cramping, head aches, low energy levels that are typically associated with low calorie diets. However, many report that side effects disappear after a few days.

In the recent years, obesity rate is increasing at an alarming rate. Despite the controversy surrounding the diet, many do feel that the diet is the lesser of the two evils. Oral hcg for obesity treatment must be implemented under careful supervision of a qualified physician as slightest differences in the diet specifications can cause undesirable results in terms of weight gain and side effects.