Healthy Diets – Are They Really Working?

List of Popular Healthy Diets:

Healthy DietsAre you on a quest to find healthy diets that will help you not only in losing weight but in achieving the ultimate health? Read below where we discuss the fundamentals of healthy diets that work and how to end weight struggles and yo-yo dieting for life.

The obsession about being thin has taken deep roots all over the world in the last century and the number of people seeking various diets to lose weight has gone up, however, despite this fact almost 10% of adult population of the globe is seriously overweight. In addition, among children who are 5 years of age and younger more than 40 million were overweight as of year 2010. Obesity that was once a problem of richer countries has spread greatly among societies with middle to low income levels.

Most people want to find diets that will help them lose weight fast and do not really have long term goals in mind. A lot of dieters succeed in losing weight initially, however, as soon as they resume their regular dietary and lifestyle preferences the weight starts creeping up again.

Finding healthy diets is more like finding a new philosophy and a new lifestyle that you are likely to stick to for the rest of your life. Below we present some of the corner stones of healthy diets for life.

Say no to junk food. By junk food we mean any processed food that contains simple starches, loads of sugar, mounds of sodium, hydrogenated fats and a plethora of unpronounceable ingredients. All these ingredients are very serious brain stimulants that our taste buds get used to very quickly and we subconsciously start craving these sensations. Crunchy, salty, sweet, sour and tangy snacks, cookies, crackers start ruling our lives and wreak havoc in our health. High fructose corn syrup is one of the worst culprits food manufacturers add into their packaged foods that affects our blood glucose levels in the most detrimental for our health way and should be avoided. Natural fructose found in fruits should also be limited to 25 grams daily if you are trying to lose weight. It amounts to about 3 medium bananas or 3 small apples per day. Sugar is sugar no matter whether it’s natural or not. The world’s famous Atkins high protein diet advises you severely limit your fruit intake in the first phase of the diet to boost body’s ability to burn fats.

Eat more frequently. Most healthy diets focus on the idea of 5-6 small pre-planned meals per day. This allows your body to maintain steady levels of blood glucose, therefore you really never feel hungry. You feel satisfied so you have less chances of craving unhealthy food choices. While you eat focus on your sensations and make it a habit to truly enjoy your foods. This will help you chew more slowly which in turn will naturally help your digestion. Majority of enzymes that break down foods are located in saliva secretions and not in our gastrointestinal tract. By eating slower and more mindfully you can also get full faster by eating less.

Start cooking at home. Most restaurants and fast food joints are notorious for serving gigantic portions of foods that are high in calories. Eating out is not a good way to go if you are losing weight. Cooking your food as a family creates long term family bonds, allows everyone to lose weight by controlling which ingredients you add in your food. No matter if you try a low calorie or high fiber diet, you have more chances of succeeding if you cook healthfully at home.

Consume 1/3 of your daily food ratio in raw organic vegetable. Vegetables are full of vital nutrients that unfortunately get lost during high temperature cooking. To preserve the goodness of organic produce, make it a habit to incorporate some raw vegetables with every meal you eat to supply your body with nature’s gifts. If you are short on time, consider vegetable juicing as a great way to boost your raw vegetables intake. To enhance nutrient absorption, always add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil or flax seed oil to your vegetable juices. Flax seed oil is among the healthiest herbal remedies that will aid in weight loss granted you stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan. Any low carb diet suggests you replace starchy sides by low carb vegetable choices like cucumbers, celery, cabbage, green beans and asparagus.

Choose exercises that you enjoy. Most people hate exercising and view it as a necessary chore. However, you can choose exercise you can truly enjoy by thinking out of the box. Try an innovative approach and sigh up for a dance or martial arts class, who not consider doing Yoga at the beach or your nearby park. Why not try something new and you will sure find a new favorite activity that will keep you fit and energized for years to come.

Healthy diets are not quick fix solutions to your weight problems; on the contrary, healthy diets are a revolution in the way you eat and live that will help you achieve a healthier you in the long run.