Herbal Diuretic Supplements Review

Herbal DiureticUsing an herbal diuretic for water retention relief instead of drugs can offer a number of benefits, and usually involves far fewer risks and possible side effects at the same time. Natural diuretics can be just as powerful and effective as prescription drugs, and there are also some important considerations to evaluate. When you eliminate fluids you may also be eliminating essential vitamins and minerals, so you need to make sure these are replaced, either with a diet high in these nutrients or with other nutritional supplements. If you have any medical conditions you should always check with your physician first to make sure it is safe to take any natural diuretics.

There are a number of herbal diuretic choices for you to choose from. Dandelion not only helps eliminate any fluid retention but this herb also can help clean out your liver and bloodstream of toxins which are harmful. Linden is another choice if you want a natural way to increase your urine output and get rid of excess water. Stinging nettle root has been shown to be a very effective herbal diuretic, and unlike some herbal remedies for this condition it does not carry as many risks when used frequently or in larger dosages. Green tea is known as one of the diuretic foods which has numerous other health benefits as well.

Before you choose any herbal diuretic it is important that you know why you are retaining excess fluid. These remedies are safe in almost all cases, but some medical conditions can cause fluid retention and should be ruled out by a physician if you are unsure of the water retention cause. Uva ursi is an herb which is known as one of the best natural diuretic remedies, and it has been used since the Middle Ages to help with a variety of conditions including water retention and fluid buildup. This herbal diuretic is very safe and effective for almost everyone, and the long history of use shows that it is a good choice for many individuals.